Thermit Welding (GB) Ltd were happy to have taken part in the 2018 Spirit Cup. The Sprit Cup is an annual 5 a side football competition hosted by Thermit welding’s parent company, the Goldschmidt Thermit group. The competition was created to bring together the various international companies of the Goldschmidt Thermit group and exemplify the Goldschmidt Thermit ideals of “SPIRIT” (Success, People, Innovation, Rail, International, and Tradition) as well as to help share the expertise found in each region. The Sprit cup is a valuable resource for Goldschmidt Thermit companies as it allows a sense of community to be created among the group. This community atmosphere leads to various tertiary benefits towards customers, such as faster communication when requesting products or services not commonly found in the UK market.
The competition took place in Halle Germany, to which various companies travelled including the newest member of the Goldschmidt Thermit group GRAW, a polish company that specialises in laser measurement systems, with technical knowledge and expertise that can be shared with the group worldwide. After various games Thermit Welding were happy to have come out of the competition in Sixth place, and are happy to congratulate GTR Austria whom took first place for the second year in a row.
Thermit Welding were extremely pleased to take part in this event and feel many valuable inter-company ties have been created. With these strengthened ties it is the hope that Thermit Welding is able to better able to service customers through a stronger global partnership with our parent and sister companies.