Thermit is happy to present the Thermit Rail Trimmers within our product range.

The Thermit rail trimmers are ideal for removing the mould and excess metal, as a result of an aluminothermic weld. To promote optimum flexibility the trimmers have been designed for use on a wide range of rail types and sizes. This is further shown through the inclusion of two interchangeable cutting blades. This allows the device to be implementable irrespective of rail type.

Thermit trimmers promote ease of use, consequently a lightweight frame to promote easy operation provides this. With the option of either a hand pump or a powered unit, the device is easily implementable in any situation.

The light yet robust design makes this the perfect unit for an operators rail trimming needs, most of all after an aluminothermic weld.


  • Range of power packs, allowing for use in a variety of environments
  • Stroke range from 120mm – 150mm, therefore this means the device is applicable to all Thermit processes
  • Interchangeable shears allow it to be used on a variety of rail types
  • Lightweight design allows for low operational health and safety concerns
  • Trimmer blades constructed to enhanced product life


  • Weight of 23.5kg
  • 120kN to 200kN compression force interchangeable shears
  • 4-stroke, electric and pneumatic motors available
  • Heat and wear resistance trimmer blades
  • Includes twin piston hydraulic cylinder equipped hand pump