Mission Statement


The whole Goldschmidt Thermit Group, including Thermit Welding (GB), adhere to the principles and values of our mission statement of SPIRIT.

SPIRIT stands for:

  • Success – We are totally focussed towards success for our customers, our group, our shareholders and ourselves.
  • People – We care for our people, we value their contribution and we demand performance.
  • Innovation – We innovate in technology and processes for continuously improved products and services.
  • Rail – We are the global technical authority for aluminothermic welding, rail services and related products and solutions.
  • International – We are an international group of strong partners, willingly sharing and communicating intelligence.
  • Tradition – We are proud of our tradition as a family owned company backed by the experience and know-how of more than 100 years.

These are the principles of our company and we take them to heart in our day to day operations in order to improve and provide the best service possible.