The Goldschmidt group, in partnership with RSS BV (Netherlands) is happy to present a fully proven asset to track safety, the TRACKSAFE BARRIER.

Worker safety is a key priority during any work on the rail infrastructure and the barrier ensures an effective guard when working on safety critical areas.

The TRACKSAFE BARRIER is essential in creating highly visible boundaries of safe work limits. Having a quick installation time, it is possible to assemble 100m of fixed barriers in 12 minutes with two operatives.

The TRACKSAFE BARRIER consists of two primary components, the stanchion and the tube.  The stanchion contains the magnet, which is the key component of the whole system. With a fully adjustable frame (to meet required standards) the stanchion fixes magnetically to the web of the rail.  The tubes are specially designed and made from a reinforced glass fibre, coated with a coloured blue film as required by UK standards. The protected lock connection prevents unintended removal due to accident or adverse conditions. Stanchions are installed at an approximate distance of 3m apart, with the tubes pressed in place between each stanchion to create a physical barrier.

The TRACKSAFE BARRIER complies fully to European standard EN 16704-2-2 (Safety protection on the track during work) and has received full product approval from Network Rail.