GP4000 D

The GP4000 D is a user-friendly and precise rail grinding unit.

The GP4000 D allows for the easy re-profiling of the rail head and rail joints after maintenance, such as for repair welds on rail surfaces and edges, or rail joining. A quick fit mechanism and a tilt angle of up to 90°, therefore the GP4000 D allows for low down time.

The design of the GP4000 D takes safety as a factor of paramount importance. An ergonomically formed steel bar runs across the unit, hence allowing the grinding to be done in a pleasant working posture. As a result there is less stress and potential damage done to a users back. Further to this the grindstones position takes the set angle into consideration, so that all sparks fly away from the user. This is another was that the GP4000 D takes safety into account.

The GP4000 D is available in two different engine types, petrol and diesel. With the diesel engine allowing the device to be used for in tunnel grinding.

The GP4000 D comes equipped with multiple features such as:

  • An automatic drive belt tightener
  • A backlash-free grindstone in-feed.
  • A large hand-wheel with scale for in-feed of cup wheel.
  • Optional Extras include:
    • Emergency-off button
    • Side stand
    • Additional protective frame for the engine and tank

The  GP4000 D’s construction keeps the user in mind, in all facets of its design.

The GP4000 D has attained approval for use by London Underground.