Thermit Welding (GB) is happy to present the ETW 1 Insulated Bolted Joint within our product range.

The ETW 1 is designed specifically for maximum durability, and has proven this over years of use. The ETW 1 is ideal for determining train position, for the purpose of safe signal control, on a wide variety of common rail profiles. This makes it ideal for a standard rail solution.


  • Versatile: offered for all basic rail profile types
  • Proven solution: successfully and dependably installed for years
  • Increased safety due to precise assembly in workshop
  • Flexible: customised solutions possible (lengths according to customer demand)


  • Possibility of use till track velocity 250 km/h
  • Using fishplates in variants with 4 or 6 holes
  • Possibility of rail ends hardening in joint area
  • Tested according to WG 18 / DG 11 (Mechanical requirements for joints in running rails)
  • Geometric values protocol issued for each piece