Railshape Eco

The Railshape Eco is a rail mounted mobile grinder unit.

The Railshape Eco is able to provide an efficient and flexible method of deburring and re-profiling the driving edges of grooved and flat bottom rails, as well as in difficult areas such as switches. Further to this the Railshape Eco is able to re-profile and deburr the entire switch, switch tongues, frogs, as well as being able to process rail on both sides. Errors in the running edge and narrowing of the track are also removable with the Railshape ECO.

The Railshape Eco is designed to grind rail within the width range of 900 to 1676mm, and its functional design allows it to be easily operated by a single user.

The Railshape Eco is available in 3 different models; petrol, diesel and electric. With the diesel and electric models allowing for it to be safely used within tunnels.