The Vortock® VERSE SFT measuring equipment is a cost effective, non-destructive method of determining stress free temperature without having to break into the track.

It is particularly suited for:

  • Sites where no stressing records are available
  • Following lifting or slewing of the track
  • Sites where no rail movement was recorded during rail replacement
  • Auditing prior to hand-back
  • Straight or curved track

This method, which is approved for use by Network Rail, uses a simple hydraulic lifting device coupled with accurate transducers to lift an unclipped length of rail and record the applied force and displacement achieved.

The recorded data is used to calculate the vertical stiffness of the rail, from which the neutral temperature is calculated.

Measurement time :(2 x measurements): 90 Mins – Accuracy: +/- 1°C

The measured SFT data is processed in several ways:

  • Information logged on data logger – verbal report of nonconforming sites direct to engineer
  • On return to base, data is download into PC and analysed
  • Data analysed off site – certificate prepared (within 48 Hrs)
  • All data stored for statistical analysis – if required
  • Source files transferred electronically to client to input into STRESSROUTE NR – national database

We currently have two complete VERSE sets, and are able to provide up to 2 mobile measurement teams, normally comprising of an engineer and an assistant, with all necessary ancillary equipment for site measurement. In addition we can provide support P.Way resources to assist with un-clipping and re-clipping the rails. Site safety protection is normally provided by the client. We have now recorded in excess of 1000 measurements in track.