Zinoco Removal

Flame cutting and welding cannot be undertaken on rails coated with Zinoco, until the coating is fully removed around the portion of rail on which the weld is to be installed.

Zinoco is a rail coating ideally developed for harsh rail environments. This means that it ensures maximum rail life in areas such as level crossings, wet tunnels, coastal track and stray current environments. With its simple installation and ease of maintenance Zinoco has become a popular rail coating.

Heavily corroded track is not suitable for a train to run across, and leads to the need for rail replacement. Such environment presents a market requirement for the provision of coated rails, such as Zinoco.

Track may at some point require a weld or flame cutting to take place but coatings prevent this from happening. This means that the rail coating must be removed for aluminothermic welding or flame cutting to progress. Themit provides a removal method of Zinoco to allow for the weld or cut to proceed.

Thermit Welding (GB) Ltd are formally approved by British Steel R&D and Rail Technologies in being able to offer the service of removing Zinoco®