Tracksafe Monitor

It has been seen that high tensile and compressive stress forces can arise in continuously welded rail, due to fluctuations in temperature.

To help combat this Thermit provide a technique for monitoring the track called Tracksafe Monitor. The solution provides a mobile, fast, and non-destructive method of measuring the tensile and compressive stress of a rail. This can also be used to determine the stress free neutral temperature of the rail. These are two very important considerations, therefore accurate monitoring is cardinal.

Scope of service

  • Prevention of rail buckles and breakage thanks to early identification of potentially dangerous track conditions
  • Non-destructive measurement method without the need to unfasten rails
  • Measurement of tensile and compressive stresses with minimal track occupation
  • Automatic documentation in accordance with railway standards
  • Suitable to define tensile conditions and stress-free temperature in between two permanent measurement points which may be monitored, for example by strain gauges


  • Our experienced measuring experts will do all measurement work required
  • Variable scanning rate alterations
  • Precise measurements in any weather conditions and at any time of day
  • Generates text/email alerts in the event of exceeding selectable limits
  • Data can be viewed in either graphical or tabular form via web portal
  • Detailed documentation included