Railstraight is a fast and precise measurement service ,offered by Thermit for the purpose of measuring straightness and corrugation of the running surface and gauge face of the rail. This process is used to both increase and monitor track safety.

Scope of Service:

  • Comprehensive electronic documentation of straightness and corrugation measurements after grinding work to protocol the acceptance of the measurement result on-site
  • Helps to ensure precise track position
  • Helps to monitor wear of the rail and wheel leading to lower maintenance costs.


  • Our measurement experts carry out the necessary measurements
  • On-site analysis of the measurements possible
  • Including extensive measurement records and documentation
  • Straightness measurement for welding, fishplate and insulated joints
  • Measurement of short, medium and long wave track defects and corrugations

The Railstraight product range includes:

  • Railstraight Dual
  • Railstraight Wave
  • Railstraight Compact
  • Railstraight Laser