Ballast Stabilisation

Ballast stabilisation is an important consideration in any rail environment. It is useful as it:

  • limits lateral movement of the track
  • Increases lateral resistance of welded rails
  • Prevents track drift due to temperature change
  • Helps to prevent ballast washout, due to environmental factors
  • Prevents the removal of ballast, due to miscellaneous causes
  • Helps to prevent various causes of track buckling
  • Helps to prevent misalignment issues, decreasing expansion joint requirements.
  • Prevents ballast attrition, extending ballast life

These are among many of the potential uses of stabilising ballast. As can be seen, Ballast stabilisation in invaluable to preventing a great number of rail issues, as a result quality ballast stabilisation techniques are paramount.

Thermit show great commitment to staying at the forefront of ballast stabilisation technologies, including the enhancement of existing methods. Thermit are able to currently provide a variety of method of stabilising track ballast which includes: