Enviro-Cap Fume Extractor

Thermit (GB) is glad to present the Enviro-Cap Fume Extractor.

The Enviro-Cap Fume Extractor has been engineered to filter fumes created by an aluminothermic weld in confined spaces, and helps to protect the safety of a user. The Unit has been specifically designed for use with our Thermit single use crucibles.

Volatile products are emitted from the THERMIT® reaction for approximately 20 seconds. These consist of oxides of iron and aluminium – nuisance fume – together with toxic manganese oxide. The emission can easily be collected using the device, thereby minimising any risk to personnel operating in an enclosed environment, where the concentration of fumes in the surrounding atmosphere may build up and exceed permitted threshold values.

Dust and gases generated by the THERMIT® reaction are collected by the Enviro-Cap which is fitted to our standard single use crucibles. The fume cap contains filters which remove fumes and dust particles.

Trials have shown that the filters are effective for up to at least 10 welds, depending on the size of the portion being used.