Thermit Welding is fully approved by Network Rail to deliver courses in all approved aluminothermic welding processes, as well as in visual weld inspection.

We also cover non-destructive testing (MPT/LPT), small plant, oxy/fuel gas cutting and abrasive wheels. Our training team includes instructors, lead assessors and verifiers.

We have two Network Rail approved training facilities (Derby and Rainham); in addition to which workplace competency assessments may be undertaken on site. Our facilities are compliant with the requirements of Network Rail Specification NR/SP/CTM/005 and 006.

All aluminothermic welders working on a railway infrastructure must have attended an approved training course, at an approved training centre, and hold valid Certificates of Competence.

Certification & Permits

All staff employed to work on Network Rail infrastructure, as either assistant welders or welders, must be in possession of valid Sentinel welding permits. Sentinel registration is processed as part of our training procedure. The current Sentinel registered skills are:

Sentinel Code Skill Process Rail Profile Comment
Profile Grade Wear
TW ASST ASSISTANT SkV All All New, Similar
TW 1 Thermit SkV All All New Similar O/P AND O/A PREHEAT
TW 2 Welding SkV All All New, Similar, Dissimilar
TW 3 SkV-L All All See Operating Manual
TW 4 SkV-L All All Composite
TW 5a SLTR Thermit Three piece moulds
TW 5b Special Thermit Special Processes e.g. SoWoS Welding of LC-AMS Rail
TW 5c HRW Thermit Head Repair Weld
WI 1 Inspection Visual inspection – aluminothermic welds
WI 2 Inspection Visual Inspection – Flash Butt welds
WI 3 Inspection Visual Inspection – Electric Arc welds

Specialist Training

For specialised welding applications such as welding heavy section crane rails, special sites, or overseas projects deploying local contractors we can offer bespoke training courses which can include on-site support, with all the associated welding procedures, training records, and permits.

Weld Inspectors

We provide training for visual inspection of aluminothermic welds (WI.1) to the requirements of Network Rail. The training course, which takes 3 days, includes tutorial and practical sessions followed by a written and practical examination.

Training in visual inspection of flashbutt welds (WI.3) is a half day course that can be added onto WI.1 or delivered as a standalone competency.

Verse Operators

Our track technology team includes two lead assessors who provide initial training and bi-annual competency assessments for VERSE operators. The service is compliant with the Network Rail Specification NR/SP/CTM/005.The course combines an initial classroom based session, followed by on-site practical training and assessment.The course is normally structured around 4 trainees, who must provide their own VERSE equipment. The equipment is checked before use and calibrated if required.

Certification and Permits

Currently VERSE operator skills are not incorporated into the Sentinel system. Therefore, on successful completion of the course, operators are issued with a TW permit, normally valid for a period of 2 years. It is recommended that an annual workplace competence assessment is also conducted.

Thermit Head Repair Weld

Thermit Welding (GB) Ltd has developed an aluminothermic weld repair process for the repair of rail head defects in plain line, including small isolated flaws which have been detected either by visual inspection or by the Ultrasonic Test Vehicles (UTV).

The process has been designed as a quick, cost effective alternative to conventional arc welding methods, with multiple repairs being possible within the normal welding shift.

The Thermit HR weld has been developed to incorporate:

  • Defect removal by flame cutting and grinding
  • Conventional low pressure preheating – same parameters as standard SkV-E
  • Single Use Crucible (SUC)
  • Standard Network Rail Approved Thermit Portions
  • Normal Thermit welding, trimming and profile grinding practice.