Ballast Anchors

Ballast Anchors, also known as LPR’s, are designed to fit around a sleeper and “Anchor” it into the ballast. The is done to increase the lateral resistance of the track.

Ballast Anchors are most commonly composed of 3 – 4 main parts dependant on type. These parts can include fixing bolts, multi-sectioned cast frames and driving plates.

Ballast Anchors have multiple uses :

  • Increasing lateral resistance over continuously welded rails
  • Limiting lateral movement of the track
  • Prevents misalignment problems – Due to the lack of lateral resistance in curved rails
  • Effective for preventing various causes of track buckling
  • Effective at preventing creep due to seasonal temperature variance.

Thermit (GB) off a wide range of Ballast Anchors for more information on specific types please contact us.