Rail Joining

Thermit’s fundamental origin was based upon rail joining, hence this is our expertise. Our many years of operation have made us experts on this subject, especially the aluminothermic welding process. Thermit currently leads the market on aluminothermic welding, and can provide a unique insight into any related projects.

Continual Improvement

More recent developments have led us to explore and analyse other facets of joining rails. This includes insulated rail joints. Thermit’s aim is to continually improve our products and services, so we are always looking for areas on which we can benefit the rail industry. The joining of rails is one of many potential areas we believe that we can provide the largest benefit.

Thermit are happy to advice on any question you may have on any method of rail joining that we provide. Please see below for more information on any of the rail joining processes and services that Thermit provides:

Aluminothermic Welding

Insulated Bolted Joints