Cyber Essentials Certification

In the digital age it is essential for companies to safeguard their data from digital attack. Not only is it prudent to have digital protection in place, it is also part of a company’s responsibility in order to secure confidential data of both its customers and suppliers.

In order to uphold this philosophy Thermit Welding (GB) Ltd, a Goldschmidt company, has attained Cyber Essentials Certification. This has been done to comply with best practice for cyber security and to give our customers the assurance that their data is held in complete security. 

Cyber Essentials certification is dedicated to helping organisations implement basic levels of protection against cyber-attack, ensuring that cyber security is taken seriously.

Certification is gained by evaluating a company against five basic security controls, with all information verified by a qualified assessor.

Thermit Welding (GB) Ltd is dedicated to ensuring all data that we hold is fully protected, and we are happy to have taken this step to give customers the assurance that we take cyber security seriously.