Torque Wrench WT 1400 P

Thermit Welding (GB) is happy to present the WT 1400 P Torque Wrench within our product range.

The WT 1400 P is designed to be applicable towards the loosening and tightening of rail anchors. The newly developed WT 1400 P torque wrench enables the powerful and precise loosening and tightening of sleeper screws and nuts with the opportunity to electrically adjust the torque.


  • Exact adjustment of the torque is made using an electric switch
  • Operator can choose between two gears to ensure optimum speed and power delivery
  • Loosening of strongly corroded screws without breakage
  • Excellent handling of machine through ideal weight distribution
  • Most powerful tool on the market


  • Max. torque of 1400 Nm
  • Electro-mechanical coupling
  • Automatically acting disk brake
  • Semi-automatic 2-gear gearbox
  • Ideal center of gravity in middle of machine
  • Weight of 130 kg