Thermit Welding (GB) is happy to present the Ballast Tamper TB 5000 P within our product range.

TheĀ TB 5000 P allows for the effective tamping of railway sleepers and ballast. The unitĀ guarantees an efficient, ergonomic and non-destructive tamping of all types of railway sleepers.


  • Low vibration transfer even with full tamping power
  • Non-destructive tamping also beneath the sleeper
  • Quick change between vibrating plate and tamping blade
  • Ergonomic body posture during application and transport through optimum balance and height adjustment
  • Suitable for each track superstructure


  • Innovative suspension and vibration concept
  • Special frame concept and engine protection
  • Special tamping blade design with specially developed eccentric movement
  • Available with vibrating plate or tamping blade
  • Low weight of 26.5 kg